Basic4GL is an interpreted, open source version of the BASIC programming language which also features support for 3D graphics using OpenGL. While being interpreted, it is also able to compile the users programs' on top of the virtual machine to produce executable programs.

It uses a syntax similar to traditional dialects of BASIC and features an IDE and a very thorough and comprehensive Debugger.

Basic4GL is not designed to compete with programming languages such as C++; it was intended to replace older languages such as QBasic or GFA BASIC.

Features include built-in support for 2D sprites and tilemaps, 3D graphics (both using Corona and OpenGL), vector, matrix and trigonometry math, sound and music (using Audiere), network programming (currently only UDP, but using plugins also TCP/IP), functions (with local variables and recursion), and last, but not least, extendable syntax with through the use of plugins (for which a PluginSDK is included as a separate download). You can write your own pieces of code and export them as plugins for immediate use in Basic4GL.


  • Author: Tom Mulgrew
  • Year development started: 2002
  • Latest release (as of 22nd March 2008): v2.5.3

Check website for the newest version


Currently there is one Linux port under development (Basic4SDL), however it lags behind in terms of feature completion and functionality.

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