I'm writing these tutorials so people who want to use allegro can get started a bit quicker rather then going through the Allegro Examples or the Allegro Manual.

These tutorials may not have a lot of writing to go along with them. This isn't because I don't want to type anything out. Allegro is really simple to use, and you don't really need for me to tell you much.

The Allegro Manual is very descriptive and you shouldn't have much trouble reading and understanding it. But if you are having problems you can always join the IRC room for Allegro. There are always 20+ people there, and they know everything about Allegro. They're also more than willing to help with anything you have problems with.

IRC chat room: Server - Channel - #allegro


This is a simple IRC client. It's also made in Visual Basic, which is another plus.

What is Allegro?Edit

If you would like to read all about it then just check out Allegro :: About. This saves me the time of rewriting that page!

Setting up Allegro Edit

Download and extract the source code for allegro, which can be found at Allegro :: Files

You can find out how to compile and install Allegro from the docs included with the source code. "\allegro\docs\build" is where they will be found.

You also also read on how to install it at >

You need "-lalleg" in linker for Allegro the compile correctly. If a MS-DOS console window appears when you run your project put "-mwindows" in the linker.

The only header you need for allegro to work is....

  1. include <allegro.h>

External LinksEdit

Added May 14, 2005