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RPG Builder 3D is an easy to use game development suite for creating 3D-RPG's. This program will be a perfect tool for anyone from beginner to pro to create what is arguably the most technical genre of video game. This software will contain such features to help you create these games with ease.

What to expect: A Map Editor (MAP-ED), Skylab, Model Editor (MOD-ED), Particle Editor, Shader Creator (PIX-ED), Script Editor (SCRIP-ED).

MAP-ED: This Program is the most important tool for the project, this is your 3D Canvas to place all of your items into this is the only program available at the present moment when this hits V0.1.0 then the other programs will follow. look at the below list for its current and awaiting features.

MOD-ED: This software will enable model imports and and the ability to change the characteristics of the model - Skin etc

SCRIP-ED: This is where your world comes to life using this is the second most important tool for a more unique game and the ability to completely customize the way your game works. there will be a set of default brains for the game for people who have no knowledge of my scripting language ( Which is simple enough anyways

PIX-ED: Add the cutting edge to your visuals with this tool the user can create Pixel shaders and other Hardware Shaders to make there game PERFECT.


These are just some of the many features...

    1. 3D Flythrough with Music*
    2. 3D Grid
    3. Atmospheric fog and ambient light
    4. Basic Floor Tile set
    5. Better navigation
    6. Character Placer*
    7. Choice of 3 View modes (not including Flythrough)
    8. Choice of system fonts preloaded into the software
    9. DMF Model Support*
    10. Dynamic Lights*
    11. Easier Navigation
    12. File Loader
    13. File Save As (.RBI)
    14. Floor Painter*
    15. Foliage Planter* - Creates and places random trees/Weeds/Flowers on the nearest tile.
    16. Grid Toggle
    17. Move Models on the floor (Including Trees) with the mouse.
    18. Model Manager (for ease of use when selecting scene models)
    19. Mountain-Lab v0.5*
    20. music files to choose from (.MID and .XM Format)
    21. NEWTON Physics Support
    22. Place remove and clear a whole scene of Models/Foliage
    23. Removal of Multiple Keys For Layers
    24. Selection of Sky boxes
    25. SFX are added to controls
    26. Sky-Lab v0.9*



0.3.55 is the latest release available.


0.3.60 is in beta testing until further notice.

Planned features for next version are as follows:

Headline Features:Edit

Player Creation Studio - Pre Release

Character Lab Final

Full Features:Edit

    01. Multiple skins for a base mesh
    02. Batch importers
    03. Completed Character Creation Studio
    04. Completed Player Setup studio
    05. Height Map Smoothing values
    06. Better LOD on Mountains
    07. Map Properties Function
    08. Importable Character Database files
    09. Faster project loader
    10. Changable main default character
    11. New Engine Framework
    12, Player face direction when placing player start marker
    13. Better file management
    14. Speed boost
    15. Dynamic shadow compatibility added (still incomplete)
    16. Autosave projects
    17. Possible Undo Redo functions
    18. Project compiler
    19. Moveable Lights
    20. Light effects
    21. Party Management
    22. Stats System
    23. Skills Manager
    24. Asociated Character such as horses etc
    25. Lots of stability fixes


0.3.50 Full
0.3.55 Patch


At the moment of writing this 3D RPG Builder was completely free of charge, but plans are in place for a paid version when the engine is alot
more stable and has many more features.


Currently 3D RPG Builder is only known to run on Windows OS.

Graphics StructureEdit

This Engine can run under OpenGL, Software Rendering and DirectX 9.0B.


Getting StartedEdit

My World Tutorial By Kama

In Depth Tutorial 1 By Dgenxp


The Gallery for 3D RPG Builder can be found at (under the 3D RPG Builder gallery subsection).


1-RPG Builder 3D - In Action

2- RPG BUILDER 3D Tryton Village Sample v0.2.25i

3-Tryton Village tour - RPG Builder 3D V0.3.0


Supported File TypesEdit

Currently supported formats

   MD2 (obviously for for Characters)
   3DS as you seen for yourself
   *.X (for buildings, Statues etc which also use animations but not currently supported for characters coming in v0.3.70)
   LWO(Not added to 0.3.50)
   MS3D(Not Added to 0.3.50)
   DMF(Obviously this is the primary format for buildings)

Find out more information about these formats by using these links

1 .MD2 ->

2 .3DS ->

3 .OBJ ->

4 .DXF ->

5 .X ->

6 .LWO ->

7 .MS3D ->

8 .DMF ->



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